Quy Nhon – Hon Kho – Eo Gio – Kdl Ham Ho – Phu Yen – Ganh Da Dia

Phu Yen – Quy Nhon has become a highlight for a memorable trip that cost is not high. With a journey of 4 days 3 nights will bring you great emotions with blue sea, white sand, or a land of Hung Tay Son with unspoiled natural beauty, enjoy fresh seafood and Very cheap cost …

Ho Chi Minh City – TUY HOÀ – DAM STONE INDUSTRY (lunch, dinner)
Morning: You are at the domestic station, Tan Son Nhat airport at least three hours before the flight.
The representative of Viet Travel Company welcomes and supports you to carry out the procedure to take flight to Tuy Hoa.
Arriving at Tuy Hoa airport, the tour guide welcomes the delegation to visit Mằng Lăng church – one of the oldest churches in Vietnam bearing the impression of architecture in the nineteenth century. This is also the place where the first national language book is kept – the eight-day preaching of priest Alexandre de Rhodes in 1651 in Rome, Italy.
Visiting Ganh Da Dua, an interesting natural landscape about the landscape and unique geology in Vietnam (national landscapes) unique black prismatic rocks, looks as far away as a giant honeycomb lying peacefully by the sea.
Delegation to O Loan lagoon admire the peaceful beauty with airy space, fresh and cool climate and enjoy the seafood flavor of Central region, visitors can feel the beauty of the region. Phu Yen land is romantic.
Noon: Have lunch.
Depart to Bai Xep (Ganh Xep), a golden sand beach stretching between two big rock jutting into the sea and beach like a pristine paradise with beautiful scenery in the north of Tuy Hoa city, still keeping intact Pristine, pink sandy beach, stretching over 1km from Ganh Xep. More impressive is the vast lawn on Ganh Xep peak that appears dreamily in the film I see yellow flowers on green grass, Ganh Xep with the beauty of sea, rock, grass, casuarina and sky is becoming a tourist attraction when coming to Phu Yen.
Here visitors can save commemorative pictures with black stone beaches, golden sand, vast lawn or bathing to enjoy the pristine beautiful beach.
Afternoon: Have dinner. Overnight in Tuy Hoa.
You are free to buy the specialties of Phu Yen such as: dried ocean tuna, cows with a sun and two dew, salt and gold ants then leng …
PHU YEN – QUY NHON – KDL. CHICKEN (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Morning: Have breakfast.
Depart to Quy Nhon, visit Quang Trung Museum, which exhibits important relics related to the Tay Son uprising movement, visit King Quang Trung Temple and the Tay Son generals and other relics. remnant like ancient tamarind tree, old water well, 9 golden statues, … the group had the opportunity to enjoy martial arts performances and drums of Tay Son battle (except for the 3rd or the day the mission performed; self-sufficient).
Noon: Have lunch.
Depart to visit Ham Ho tourist area named “Miniature Ha Long Bay”, coming here as returning to the majestic nature, immersed in the world of the first half of the green forest below. Truong Son range. Delegation to participate in yacht activities on the Kut River mingle with the wild nature, free to bathe streams or participate in recreational activities such as kayaking, duck riding, relaxing fishing, etc. (self-cost) )
About Quy Nhon city center, visit Thap Doi – a group of 2 beautiful ancient towers with Angkor architecture, was built in the 12th century.
Afternoon: Using dinner, check in. Overnight in Quy Nhon.
PHUONG MAI ISLAND SALE – FLC QUY NHON – HON KHO – EO GIO (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Morning: Have breakfast.
Visit Thi Nai Bridge – the longest cross-sea bridge in Vietnam connecting Quy Nhon City with Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, the delegation has the opportunity to see Nhon Ly sand hill – believed to be the largest sand hill in Vietnam, dubbed desert between blue sea.
You choose 1 of 2 following attractions, in FLC Quy Nhon system:
1 – FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort is a closed community of high-class tourism including 5-star hotel, 36-hole golf course and a series of beautiful high-end coastal villas (self-sufficient tram cost )
2 – FLC Zoo Safari is the first wildlife park in Quy Nhon in the South Central Coast. With a total area of ​​129 hectares designed to build according to the world standard Safari scale, which preserves nearly 900 individual animals including various kinds of animals such as giraffes, African ostriches, black swans, ducks gold Tadorama, zebra, … (expenses excluded)
Continue to depart for the cruise ship / cano to the Hon Hon Island, a beautiful unspoiled island of Nhon Hai Sea. Here you can immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, enjoy diving natural coral and hundreds of colorful fish species.
Lunch: Lunch with typical seafood dishes on the island.
Free to enjoy the cool sea breeze under the shade of an eagle tree or climb the mountain to see the whole village of Nhon Hai bottle and as far away as Cu Lao Xanh, Mui Yen, … The boat will take the group back to the pier and end the tour. Dried Hon.
Continue to visit Eo Gio – a beautiful check-in point in Quy Nhon, dubbed the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Vietnam, magnificent by the high mountains and strange shapes reaching the big sea, hugging a whole round of forming the strait. Standing from above, looking down at the waist, like a picture of a charming water painting, has sent a feeling of wildness and charm.
Visit Ngoc Hoa Vihara – admire the highest double Buddha statue in Vietnam.

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